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Tamil Wedding

In a Hindu tradition, Kundli matching is a necessary part of a wedding before tying a knot because it defines the married life predictions. Like we see that many marriages are successful after violating the horoscope matching and on the other hand, many couples get divorced, facing many issues in married life and other problems even after the Kundli Milian. Now the question arises that can the horoscope matching guarantee a good married life? And what about those couples who defying the horoscope matching and done love marriage.

What happens in Kundli Matching?

During the Kundli Milian, horoscope of bride and groom is matched to check that what kind of their married life is? The horoscope is matched by the priest of the family and they match every aspect of horoscope based on the Guan, Rashi and etc. The total points of ashta Koota in horoscope matching are 36. If 18 or more than 18 points are matched, then the marriage is considered is good, in case of below 18, the priest does not the marriage. If the bride and groom 36 Guans are matched, then it super matches.

What is missed out in Horoscope matching?

Most of the astrologer left the quality of marriage life, Lifespan of bride and groom, planetary positions and etc. in hence we always assume that the horoscope matching is perfectly done. In a TamilMatrimony 20 poruthams are matched of bride and groom in accent time, but now only ten kootas(poruthams) are considered only and in some of India only 8 kootas are considered for marriage match. So what we considered here why 12 kootas are left by the astrologer? What is the reason behind of neglecting some kootas while horoscope matching?

Is horoscope matching is necessary for love marriage?

According to Hinduism, it is necessary to match a horoscope when two people marry each other because it matches the compatibility of their nature, sexual abilities, attitudes, and many more things. This happens only in arrange marriage, But in love marriage, two people come together with their mutual understanding and attractions. Once mutual understanding is established, then there is no horoscope matching.

Reference: Fundamental Checking while Horoscope Matching for Marriage

The true essence of relationships

Every good relationship is based on true love, mutual understanding, and trust. For a great relation, these things are upmost, but in recent years, most of the love and arrange marriage couple defying the horoscope matching because they think that marriage is bond of two unite souls who have mutual

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