Privacy Policy

At Tamil Wedding Site, we need to guarantee that you comprehend what data we accumulate about you, how we utilize it, and the shields we have set up with the genuine goal to stay it. On the off chance that you have extra demand or may require additional data on this point, you ought don't vacillate to remain in contact with our Webmaster. This security system applies to data collected through this site for the two couples and wedding merchants.

Sort of Information Collected

We may collect extremely identifiable information("PII" - for instance, your full name, email address, street number, and phone number) from you when you industriously demonstrating the data while getting the things from us. We require this data with the genuine target to process and satisfy your interest and to inform you regarding your interest status, with the genuine goal to choose you as a client of this site or to equip you with associations. We may in like way collect PII from you on the off chance that you buy in to our email program, or acknowledge sweepstakes, troubles, and considers, or regarding substance or recommendation you post on this site.

We correspondingly amass non-a little while later identifiable data ("Non-PII" - for instance, interests, side interests, way of life decisions, groups with whom you are connected) from you when you give or post non-PII data on this site.

Non-PII may besides be amassed from you by methodologies for Cookies and Pixel Tags. Treats are little bits of data that this site puts on your PC. We and our untouchable ace affiliations utilize treats and Pixel Tags to perceive your IP address, program type, zone name, and particular site pages through which you click. This information is aggregated ordinarily and used to engage us to search for models to enhance our site and your normal experience. The treats enable us to remember you when you come back to the site and to give you a changed trial that we feel will be of a propelling power to you. The treats that are organized by this site don't contain any expressly seeing data, for example, your name, or touchy data, for example, your charge card number. Extra data concerning program treats and how to obstruct them is outlined underneath.